Sailu Rajbhandari is always interested and intrigued by the workings of the human mind and behavior. Thus, it only made sense that she pursued Psychology. Her career in this field began with a part-time psychology lecturer. She completed her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Tribhuvan University. She hit a milestone in her career, marked by receiving ‘Mahendra Vidya Bhusan’, a highest ranking award presented for a Master’s Degree in Nepal. With over 20 years of experience in the mental health and psychosocial sector, she had participated in several pieces of training and TOT training, such as Therapy, Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing, Mentalization Based Therapy, Tension Release Exercise, Healthy living, etc. to enhance her knowledge and skill for providing effective services. She has also worked with several NGOs and INGOs.  Also, she got an opportunity to travel to different parts of Nepal which allowed her to know and learn more about human diversity, social needs, and prevalent social issues.

Upon completion of her Master’s Degree, she joined Padma Kanya College and worked for seven years as a part-time lecturer. To gain practical knowledge on counseling, she took a month-long training from Sahara Counseling Center. Subsequently, she got an opportunity to handle 1:1 counseling sessions and conduct training on MHPSS for various NGO workers.

In January 2004, she joined Planet Enfants, an organization involved in combating different forms of crimes against women and children, as a Program Support Officer. She got an opportunity to train and supervise the frontline caregivers including Nepal Police during the Maoist insurgency period.

In April 2006, She joined Volunteer Service Organization (VSO) Nepal as Program Development Officer. Working with VSO, entrusted me to work with a diverse population, providing guidance and supervision to partners, review proposals and budgets of partners, and coordinate with volunteers. Hereafter, in September 2011, She joined TPO Nepal as a Project Coordinator.  TPO Nepal focuses mainly on mental health and psychosocial areas. She was assigned to lead the project, conduct counseling, and training.  She got an opportunity to handle the cases of VMLRs and earthquake survivors.

In June 2017, she joined Chora Chori Nepal as a Clinical Director. She supervised counselors, building the capacity of the staff and counselors. Furthermore, she provided therapies and counseling sessions to the rape survivors, trafficked survivors, rejected children, etc. While working with discriminated groups and marginalized populations gave her a strong ground to intervene and contribute in this field with the latest models of problem-solving approaches.

Currently, she is working as a freelancer, providing counseling sessions and therapies to national and international clients, private groups, and at the community level.

You can also contact her on 951052799.